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The Garden Goddess

Are you overwhelmed by planning a veggie plot? Panicked about another season of weedy flower beds? Looking to add a few chickens (or even some sheep) to your life? Wishing to attract more wildlife, or support pollinators? Longing for landscaping that looks good, and provides food? Interested in native plants, but unsure where to start? I can help!

My college education included study of botany and ecology. I have 20 years practical experience with growing plants, and 11 years experience as a homesteader using ecology-based regenerative methods. I grow around 50% of my family’s food…every year, we raise around 200 varieties of vegetables and herbs, harvest fruit from our diverse orchard of trees and bushes, keep hens for eggs, and raise & slaughter & butcher our own meat. We incorporate both flower and food plants in our house gardens. And we are working to diversify our 30 acre parcel (formerly all  hayfield) by re-introducing native trees and shrubs. Raised beds, trellises, no-till veggie gardens, herb plots, perennial plantings, greenhouse growing, livestock…we do it all!

I can help you learn what works on your property: how to use what you already have, planning new growing areas, guiding you through seed starting & buying plants, all the way to maintaining your healthy mature gardens and native plant landscaping.

But just as important, I can help you learn what DOESN’T work, before you waste your time and money. I’ve made TONS of mistakes over the years. Ignoring patterns of sunlight. Letting mice eat our trees. Putting the right plant in the wrong soil. Hoping drainage issues will magically go away.  Turning small weed problems into big weed problems. I could go on, but you get the idea!

If you would like to increase the biodiversity and resilience of your land, provide food for yourself and for wildlife, plan for easy maintenance and weed control without pesticides or herbicides, or any other plant-related project, contact me. My consulting rate is $30/hour, which you’ll make back in produce, meat,  and NOT making a ton of preventable mistakes! I’m looking forward to helping YOU develop the skills you need to make your land bloom.

To see photos of these concepts put into practice, please visit our farm facebook page, and check out our 2018 pics and posts.

Susan Socks, The Garden Goddess
802 563-2073

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