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Pick Your Own fruits!
Common and less-common fruit: blueberries, raspberries, aronia, currants, elderberries, and gooseberries. Due to limited quantities, PYO is by appointment only. To be the first to know about opportunities, contact us at to be added to the PYO notification list. PYO opportunities will also be posted to www.facebook/SocksFamilyFarm.

2018 lambs are sold out. Contact us anytime to be on the list for 2019 lambs.
Our 100% grass-fed lamb is the same meat our family has enjoyed for years. Sheep are on rotational pasture May-Nov, and fed hay in our airy, bright greenhouse Dec-April. No grain fed, ever. We use a blend of heritage breeds that thrive on an all-pasture diet.

Lambs are harvested once a year in late fall. For 2019, we will be using on-farm slaughterer Glenn Cole, and an independent butcher for custom cutting. If extenuating circumstances arise, lambs will be slaughtered and butchered at Northeast Kingdom Processing in St Johnsbury. While we prefer on-farm slaughter to minimize animal stress, NKP is a very good facility, small and well-managed.

2018 Pricing: we sell whole lamb, custom cut to your specifications. Price varies from $275-300 per lamb, depending on size of animal. SPECIAL DEAL for 2108...add a tanned lambskin to your whole lamb order for $115 ($35 off the regular lambskin price of $150).

2019 Pricing TBD, but we expect to be at a very similar level.

Our naturally tanned sheepskins are processed by Vermont Natural Sheepskins. They use plant tannins to cure formaldehyde, no off-gassing, just lovely warm woolly comfort. Great for chemically-sensitive folks, or people who don't like toxic stuff in their house. A beautiful gift for new parents...a lovely natural cozy playmat for their baby! We use ours to pad the backs of chairs...great for dressing up our Ikea furniture. We also use them on the floor for sleeping pads, when we've given away our beds to houseguests. Softer and warmer than our camping pads! $150 for pickup in Cabot.

Don't live nearby? Check out our Etsy storefront, SheepskinsBySusan, to purchase sheepskins online.

2019 seconds and overstock special: seconds are available for $50, and overstocked first quality sheepskins are $110. While quantities last!


Chickens are sold out for 2018. Contact us anytime to be on our 2019 customer list.
Our organic chickens are raised on clean, sunny pasture. They are moved to a new section of pasture 2-3 times per week. We provide shelter, but never close them inside; they are free to come and go as they please. The chickens eat organic fruit and veggie scraps, and organic grain, plus whatever bugs and seeds they find for themselves.

We process the chickens ourselves, on-farm, to minimize stress to the animals. They do not have to be trucked to a processing facility, nor handled by unfamiliar people. We include an extra step in our processing not used by most folks: a 12 hr chill before freezing. This results in meat with a finer-grained texture...absolutely fabulous! Our family eats the same chickens we sell, which is the best guarantee of quality.

Our trademark is gentle, respectful, and humane handling. Our pastured birds are gathered into a "catch pen" prior to slaughter: well ventilated, shaded in warm weather, and out of the wind in cold weather. The catch pen allows us to pick up birds quickly, no flapping or panicking. We do not chase them, or carry them upside down by the legs. We welcome customers to visit during slaughter days.

Our chickens are sold as whole birds, without giblets. The weight ranges from 5-7lbs per bird. 2018 price was $5.50/lb. 
2019 prices TBD, and will depend on grain prices from Midwest farms. This has been a tough year for Midwest flooding, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that these hardworking organic grain farmers make a quick recovery. Giblets and feet are available on request.

2019 customer list is full, contact us anytime to join the 2020 list.
Our laying flock roams the pasture in summer, and roams the greenhouse in winter. The birds are never closed into their coop; they can come and go as they please. In the summer, they eat organic fruits and veggies, organic grain, and whatever bugs and seeds they find in the pasture. We specially grow winter squash for our chickens, to supplement their winter diet of organic grain.

We DO NOT trim beaks, use artificial light in the winter, or administer any antibiotics. Ever.

Eggs are available Feb-Oct. Customers sign up to receive either 1 or 2 dozen per week. Free delivery to your house in Cabot village, or pick up at our farm. $6/dz.

Potential products

We are looking for customer feedback on other products. We love making and eating these things, and wonder if others might, too.

Baked goods: amazing gluten-free goodies! Fancy decorated sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cakes, and "everything" bread (mix of roast carrot, roast squash, apples, bananas, gluten free bean and grain flour, organic eggs, local butter). We also bake products containing wheat: braided challah, decorated sugar cookies.

Animal products: goose, duck, heritage breed pork.

Vegetable products: garlic braids, seed garlic.

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