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About our farm

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Socks Family Farm is situated on 30 hillside acres above Cabot village in north-central Vermont. We are a family of four. Susie is the lead farmer, homemaker, and program administrator for Cabot Mentoring. Formerly a skating coach, she also volunteers as coordinator for the village ice rink in Cabot. Michael is an engineer, currently working in energy efficiency. He takes the lead on all infrastructure on the farm, including the design and construction of buildings, greenhouses, and fence systems. Our children, Luca (16) and Jonah (14) have been helping since they were 6 and 4. We estimate they are 50% composed of Socks Family Farm meat, eggs, and produce. Homeschoolers through grade 8, both now attend Cabot High School. Their passions include music (playing with The Limes, Kingdom All Stars, Gamelon Sulukala, and The Weather Birds), science fiction and anime, theater, basketball, taekwondo, and time with their friends. As such, they haven't been farming much lately....

We have a diverse homestead: chickens, sheep, ducks, geese, berries, apples, vegetables, herbs. We have blackflies but not too many mosquitoes. Lately we have a bat summering in the bat house, and we hope for more. As with all homesteads, it is a work in progress. So far we have built 2 greenhouses, a 30x10 shed, fenced and developed a 200x 50 garden for both annual and perennial food crops, started an orchard, and planted several hundred trees. We own a chainsaw and an old push mower, and no other motorized equipment...but we have a veritable arsenal of human-powered tools: garden carts, wheelbarrow, scythe, shovels, pitchforks, and the like. We rely on the generosity of neighbors for occasional tractor work. Most of the products of our labor are for our own consumption, but we do sell eggs, chicken, lamb, and lambskins to the public. More goods are in development; please check our "products" page.

All of our operations follow organic standards. Being a hill farm, we have stunning views and ample sunshine, but we also have thin rocky soils. To this end, we practice careful soil management through no-till agriculture, mulching, intensive rotational grazing, and other soil-conserving and soil-building methods.

We welcome visitors, and love to give tours. Please email or call to arrange a visit! Please check out our facebook page, .

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