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Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Equinox! It is our family's favorite time of year. Apples for the picking. The ground warm under bare feet, even when you need a jacket up top. Autumn leaves. Bringing in squash and onions to cure. Stacking wood. Fresh cider. Shorter days giving me an excuse to quit work a little early. Canning tomatoes and seems like so many jars, but I know we'll eat through every last one. Hiking. Our wedding anniversary (21 years!) My husband's birthday in Sept, mine in Oct, our children's in Nov and Dec, like dominoes. Being grateful for every sunny warm day, in case it's the last.

Next month we'll plant garlic, and bring the sheep together for breeding. That's the thing about are often months ahead in your mind. I'm imagining spring lambing when we choose who shares a paddock. I'm considering my midsummer garlic crop as I bury the little cloves.

I took a 15 minute break while moving sheep fences. The sheep had already moved...I'm setting up fence for their next piece of pasture, where they will graze in several days. My mind is not resting in the now, but fretting about the next step. Meanwhile, the sheep are contently munching, and I'm fairly certain they are not worried about much of anything. So I took my cue from the sheep, and went into our woods, to sit by the brook. A woodpecker was drumming. A spiderweb up in the trees caught the sunlight, and was every color of the rainbow.

As a farmer, I need to be ahead. Things fail and die if I don't. But this time of year, our favorite, I'll make sure to be here and now too. Apples. Firewood. Leaves. Harvest. Family.

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