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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lamb Day, Sunday April 9th, 11-3

The Socks Family Farm invites you to visit this year's cute fuzzy lambs on Sun April 9 from 11-3. Learn about how our farming methods sequester carbon, improve pasture, reduce veterinary issues, and make good clean meat and lovely warm tanned sheepskins for your chairs or floor. 

Or, you can just pet the sheep!

We'll have pricing info and pre-order signups for fall 2017 harvests of chicken, lamb & mutton, and tanned sheepskins. For spinners and crafters who work "in the grease", we will also have raw wool from Saturday's shearing available.

Hope to see you Sunday. If you would like to visit but can't make it to Lamb Day, email us and we'll find a time that works.