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Saturday, February 25, 2017

We have been eating delicious 100% grass fed lamb from our farm for years. We are considering selling to the public this season, if the interest is there. We may also offer wool-on tanned sheepskins (great for padding the back of your favorite chair, or sleeping on when you give your bed to a guest), raw wool, and other sheep-ish products.

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Our little farmhouse is still not finished, but after 9 short years of renovations (!) it's looking much better. All the framing has been fixed, all the insulation and drywall is new, Michael has almost completely rewired everything, and I have nearly finished the plumbing. We still could use a garage and workshop, but that is a few years of saving away.

The outdoor part of our homestead is really coming along well. Initially, we put the most time into the plantings, knowing that you can build a shed or put up trim anytime, but productive perennials take years. Our little apple trees are taller than me, and bearing their first small crops. The blueberries bushes finally look like blueberry bushes, after looking like twiggy little nothings for years. We have pears, cherries, elderberries, aronia, currents, gooseberries, and rhubarb established and growing well. Some of our wildlife plantings are beginning to thrive: maple, oak, hemlock, bayberry, holly, dogwood, willow. We built a fence around the orchard of stout cedar poles and heavy woven wire, and replaced all the fir fence posts with cedar around the berry plantation and vegetable garden. When that cedar rots and need replacing, I'll be in my 70s. Maybe I'll hire someone to fix them. Then again, maybe I won't.