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Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's about time

Well, after vowing not to be one of "those people" who start a blog only to drift into cyberspace oblivion 3 posts later, I discovered that I am, actually, one of "those people".

Our family continued to raise chickens for eggs and meat through 2014. We had a great year, sold out all the eggs, and all the broilers too. We also tended a large garden and small orchard, tended our 40 blueberry bushes and 120 feet of raspberries, raised/slaughtered/butchered sheep, built a new 48 x 20 greenhouse, mowed the lawn, and failed to weed the flower beds. The house had further renovations, at which point we cried "uncle" and hired out some of the work, but still left plenty for ourselves because apparently we are slightly deranged.

We had great harvests of fruit, veggies, and meat. Our house is, for the first time since we moved in 8 years ago, fully insulated and sheetrocked and wired (fine, it is 90% sheetrocked and wired, but if you like math and you round up, that's 100%). We have several nearly finished rooms, needing only flooring, doors, trim, windowsills, curtains...and hey, I already have the material for the curtains! They are practically hanging in the windows.

So 2014 was a busy year. Will 2015 be more mellow? Will I write this blog? Predictions are very difficult to make, especially about the future. For now, I will just assure you that we are having a lovely time up on our hill farm, and if you want to visit or buy farm products, give us a call or send an email. Hope you and yours are well!