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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Vermont-y day

Today was a very Vermont-y day. We went to Legare's to pick strawberries, saw a moose at close range (running down the middle of the road toward our car), and finished the outing with maple creemies at Bragg Farm.

Usually we harvest our own berries, but I neglected the patch last fall. We were overwhelmed with our chicken harvest, canning, freeezing, root cellaring, and learning to slaughter and butcher pigs and sheep. I kept putting off the strawberry maintenance, and eventually it was covered in snow! Maybe this fall I'll make a better effort.

Moose are always an unbelivable sight. It's like the world's ugliest, largest deer wearing bell bottoms. They always seem in danger of falling right over their enormous feet. The one running towards our car made a sharp turn to avoid us (thank goodness), and slipped on the road surface, feet and legs churning madly.

And creemies? Most places call it soft-serve ice cream, but in Vermont, it's a creemie. And many VT stands offer them made with maple syrup. Summer in Vermont is just not complete without consumption of several maple creemies.